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Main Screen


Camera or Gallery

The user will be able to access phone’s camera or gallery and then, edit the photo here.


Length and Width

After drawing, the user may manually input it’s dimensions in feet or inches.

Click On


The user will be able to view the dimensions of a chosen object.


White Color

The user can change the default color according to his/her preference in settings.

New Sketch

The user is able to make a sketch or create a new design plan here.

The user is able to choose between a variety of shapes and lines in creating the sketch.

The user is able to manually input the length and width(inch or feet only) of an object.

The default color for the shapes is white, which can be changed in settings.

The user is able to view the dimensions of the object that is clicked on.

The user can save the final draft and can view it  via the ‘Files’.



You can turn on/off option whether to view Dimensions or not.

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